Teacher Spotlight – Meet Phyllis Adams

Tell us a little about your Yoga journey?  I began my yoga journey in 2001.  I was on a fitness path and observed that there was a greater picture and path to follow. I went to NC School of Yoga for initial certification and from there have explored and studied under various teachers and systems of yoga over the past 15 years.

What makes you feel most alive?  Discovering new places! Family, friends, and dogs!

What do you love most about Yoga?  What do hope to inspire in others?  I love the aspect of yoga that allows you to move and explore through joy and inspiration from within. I have learned through the practice of Yoga and by sharing my passion that other’s were on board and it has blossomed into a supportive community of likeminded bright souls! My self esteem, self confidence, and general sense of well being has been nurtured through my practice. I hope to be a guide to other’s on their yogic path, and as a teacher I am totally inspired by my students!

What is your favorite quote?  “Wage peace by practicing kindness”

Favorite Yoga pose?  Half Moon

How has Yoga changed your life?  Yoga has changed my life in the sense that I have been inspired to seek purpose, self awareness, and trust.

What do you think are some of the biggest challenges people face when they begin to practice Yoga?  To show up without expectations and enjoy the ride!

What do you want people to take away from your classes?  I want students to leave with a sense of feeling accomplished whatever that is for them on any given day!  Sometimes that is by simply showing up! I love smiles and have a playful approach to my practice and style of teaching.

What tools do you think are essential for starting a Yoga practice?  Attitude is as important as a willingness to explore and be receptive to new things!

Client Spotlight – Meet Evelyn Mullen

“Moving is life affirmation. The spark of life is precious and its force is exhibited through movement.”  Evelyn Mullen

Tell us about you…where were you born and how did you end up in Cary, NC?

I was born on a 19th century farm in South Carolina. All of us were lean and agile and able to sustain movement from sunup to sundown. My grandmother in her late sixties worked alongside the men and did not stop to lie down or quit. She died as she stood ready for another task.

Our family decided to become an intergenerational family. We needed a home with a floor plan for privacy and sharing. We found our house in Cary.


What brought you to studioVIBE?

A few years ago, I fell down a long flight of steps onto a concrete floor. I hit on my left side and sustained broken bones and abrasions. After rehab, I became fearful of falling again. My wonderful daughter encouraged me to sign up for 30 minute private lessons with Amy and Missy. With their encouragement, I was able to migrate to regular sessions of “Pilates for Life”.

After knee replacement, I was able to begin again as soon as rehab was completed.

How long have you been doing Pilates? 3 years

You have Rheumatoid Arthritis, along with other health issues, how has Pilates helped you?

Pilates has helped with flexibility and abdominal strength. With RA, tendons and ligaments become inflamed and tighten. Through stretching, some flexibility can be maintained. Balance is the greatest concern. Whenever I lose my balance, I can pull on my abs to stabilize.

With my teachers/mentors Amy and Missy, I am supported in what I can do and encouraged to get a little stronger.

Illness brings stress. Through Pilates, I have been able to manage stress successfully.

What would you tell someone who said that they were too “old” to start Pilates?

Get over it. This is it. This is your life. Mind and body work together. Be able to say on your death bed, “What is that new movement that I wanted to try?”

Anything else you would like to share?

Moving is life affirmation. The spark of life is precious and its force is exhibited through movement.

THRIVE! A workshop For Creating Optimal Wellness

THRIVE! A workshop For Creating Optimal Wellness

January 15 & 16, 2016   Friday 6:00 – 9:00PM and Sat 12:30 – 5:30PM

Do you want to live more mindfully, feel healthier, and have more vitality? What would it be like to have an inspiring plan for optimal wellness?402

We have plans for other areas of our life we deem important, but most of us don’t have a plan for our health.

Through this energizing workshop you will emerge with a vision for optimal health in your life, the core of which is what you value most. This isn’t about fixing anything that’s wrong ~ it’s about crafting a plan for enduring changes that will empower and inspire you. And, it’s about utilizing tools of mindful awareness to help you realize those goals and create the life you want to live.

Art Waber is a Certified Integrative Health Coach, trained at Duke Integrative Medicine, committed to empowering clients to create breakthroughs in the areas of life that foster optimal health.

Alyson Colwell-Waber is a master teacher of movement, yoga, and mind-body integration practices who guides others in tapping into their own body wisdom.

Workshop participants will:
practice … the seven elements of mindful awareness gentle, restorative and invigorating yoga
utilize… the Wheel of Health
creative writing – pair-sharing – powerful dialogue
create… an individualized plan for optimal health accountability and support with a buddy-coach
enjoy … lively conversation, time for personal reflection and renewal, good camaraderie, healthy food, and an affirmative, non-judgmental environment

Registration: workshop fee $229
Super Early-bird & Early-bird and discounts:
$159 by Dec 31st or $199 by Jan 9th.

Registration includes light refreshments and week-long post-workshop support.
Optional: An individual coaching or yoga session for an additional $40 (to maximize the benefits, please schedule within 30 days of workshop)  Register Under “workshops”

Chakra Vinyasa

Chakra Vinyasa with Jen Bluestone ERYT-200

Sunday August 30th, 2:00-4:00PM


In this practice,  experience and embody the elements related to the chakras, energetic centers within the body that govern the deeper physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of our life. As we spend time in each chakra and experience it through movement, we begin to learn where we may need to spend more time for balance and where we may spend too much time already and are letting that particular fire burn too brightly. We will move through earth, water, fire , air and space. For example, those of us who are more type A fire burners, we may find that a slow moving earth practice is what we need for balance. Or perhaps a watery flow to dampen the fire from drying out all of the juices in our life. Music is also a large part of experiencing the Bhavana or feeling state of each chakra. The experience comes to a close with a restorative Yoga Nidra.

Register by July 31st and save 20%!

Meet Kim Herring and Four Sisters Farm

Meet Kim Herring, one of the coolest mom’s in the Cary area!  She is the mother of 4 wonderful girls.   Her girls jumped on a desire of her husband to create a farm, and have now fallen in love with the “farm life”.  Read on about Kim and Four Sisters Farm.  Four Sisters Farm supplies nearly 50 dozen eggs a week to Whole Foods!  Ask for them next time you shop!  www.foursistersfarmnc.com

How did you find out about studioVIBE?IMG_2684

I traveled past the studio many times, but I was the mom of young children and it remained in the back of my mind for way too long.  One day, I stopped by the studio just to have a look. I had dropped our 4th daughter safely off at her new preschool, and I was ready for a change. I left the studio that day with a date for a private session and an excitement about doing something new and wonderful! A few private sessions later, I was confident enough to join a regular mat classes, and on my way to a healthier lifestyle!

What is your favorite part about coming to studioVIBE?

People who do pilates and yoga are the nicest people. I treasure the friends I have made at studioVIBE. I get to see some of the same people each week and exercise in a place where I feel comfortable and at home.  Of course I also love the health benefits I get from each and every class! I am inspired when the teachers cue us to do an exercise a little bit better, to go a little further, or a little deeper. It fascinates me to learn things about human anatomy that I was not aware of. Thanks to my teachers at studioVIBE, I am in closer touch with my body. With each class I take, I feel stronger and better prepared to age gracefully and gently.

Ok Kim, so tell us about Four Sister’s Farm?

Ours is a small farm, just outside the Cary city limits off of Penny Rd. I must confess right away, that my hIMG_2655usband Alex, and our 4 daughters do most of the farm work here! Our oldest daughter Katie was just 10 years old when she saved enough money to buy 2 goats. A couple of goats eventually turned into a small herd as Katie tried her hand at breeding, showing, and selling. She even had a short stint milking her dairy goats before heading to school each day! Her younger sister Celia decided to raise chickens and sell their eggs. During middle school, Celia would set out coolers of eggs on the front porch for customers before she left for school each day. When her flock grew to over 100 chickens she had enough eggs to supply Whole Foods in Cary. One year ago she left for college and turned her business over to our 3rd daughter Grace, who sells eggs to Whole Foods in both Cary and Raleigh. Celia left her cat to Mary Blake, our youngest daughter, and she is in charge of making sure he is fed daily. My husband Alex oversees everything. He builds the coops, puts up fencing, fixes equipment, and lots of other things I probably don’t even know about! Each summer the grass grows tall in our fields and Alex makes and bales hay. Our daughters’ friends always want to come over for “hay baling day”. Once. It is hard work!

What else is on the farm?

We have miniature donkeys, a snake, rabbits, and sheep that all live in our red barn. IMG_2686 2This spring we had 7 lambs born. Mary Blake is in charge of bottle-feeding them when she gets home from school each day.  

What is your role on the Farm?

I get to enjoy observing the comings and goings and hearing “farm talk” at the dinner table. I suppose I can take a bit of credit, as Grace is only 13 and I do drive egg deliveries to Whole Foods for her! I try to be helpful here and there.

How did your husband get interested in farming?

Alex has always loved animals and keeping busy with projects, but had never farmed. He and the children have learned by trial and error. It has been a blessing for me to watch them journey through this together. I am grateful for the lessons our children have experienced growing up here on the farm.

Ok…time for Patty to talk and do a little bragging on Kim…

I was completely intrigued when I learned about Four Sisters Farm that I had to take a visit.   It was a wondeIMG_2654rful way to spend my afternoon.  I met Kim’s 2 younger daughters who were tracked out, the older two are in college.  It was obvious that Mary Blake and Grace cared deeply for each and every animal on the farm.  I learned so much about the different animals.  I did not realize that chicken eggs do not need refrigeration right away, nature provides a protective coating, of course we wash the eggs so that coating is removed.    I never thought about chickens as “happy” but these little guys literally smiled as they wobbled around the property.  
I must say that although Kim does not “work the farm”, it is quite obvious that she has an integral role.  She serves as a role model about taking care of our earth, minimizing waste, eating healthy, and has empowered her beautiful daughters that they can do anything they want to through consistent dedication.    I do not know if they will stay in farming forever but the lessons and work ethic these girls have learned will be with them forever.IMG_2669
I love learning about people and will always remember my visit with Kim Herring and the tour I took of Four Sisters Farm!  
– Patty
*Remember taste the difference of “loved” eggs, look for Four Sisters Eggs at Whole Foods in Cary & Raleigh!  Learn more at www.foursistersfarmnc.com

Also – Kim Herring has a business of her own, visit: