Teacher Spotlight – Meet Phyllis Adams

Tell us a little about your Yoga journey?  I began my yoga journey in 2001.  I was on a fitness path and observed that there was a greater picture and path to follow. I went to NC School of Yoga for initial certification and from there have explored and studied under various teachers and systems of yoga over the past 15 years.

What makes you feel most alive?  Discovering new places! Family, friends, and dogs!

What do you love most about Yoga?  What do hope to inspire in others?  I love the aspect of yoga that allows you to move and explore through joy and inspiration from within. I have learned through the practice of Yoga and by sharing my passion that other’s were on board and it has blossomed into a supportive community of likeminded bright souls! My self esteem, self confidence, and general sense of well being has been nurtured through my practice. I hope to be a guide to other’s on their yogic path, and as a teacher I am totally inspired by my students!

What is your favorite quote?  “Wage peace by practicing kindness”

Favorite Yoga pose?  Half Moon

How has Yoga changed your life?  Yoga has changed my life in the sense that I have been inspired to seek purpose, self awareness, and trust.

What do you think are some of the biggest challenges people face when they begin to practice Yoga?  To show up without expectations and enjoy the ride!

What do you want people to take away from your classes?  I want students to leave with a sense of feeling accomplished whatever that is for them on any given day!  Sometimes that is by simply showing up! I love smiles and have a playful approach to my practice and style of teaching.

What tools do you think are essential for starting a Yoga practice?  Attitude is as important as a willingness to explore and be receptive to new things!

SPECIAL Motown Vinyasa Yoga with Phyllis


SPECIAL Motown Vinyasa Yoga class with Phyllis

Wednesday August 19, 6:30PM at studioVIBE

Phyllis is One of a Kind!!!

Come party with Phyllis as she celebrates the 39th anniversary of her 21st birthday, entering a NEW decade!

Join us for this physically energizing and internally rejuvenating vinyasa class to the BEAT of Motown!

If you choose to join us, we will be taking Phyllis over to Cafe Caturra to raise a glass and celebrate!

Register online for class at www.studiovibecary.com under classes.  This is a 2-credit yoga class, use your Class Card or pay a drop-in.



Actively Aging with Yoga: Exploring the 50+ Population

Join Sherry Zak Morris – E-RYT &  Yoga Alliance Presenter on Senior Yoga
Saturday, June 27, 2015 – 1:00pm – 5:30pm   $159

(There will also be a Special Chair Yoga Class on Sunday, June 28th $15 if pre-registered.

Workshop Topic Highlights:

  • Common Issues and Conditions of the Aging Population
  • The Relationship between Aging, Posture and Pain
  • Analysis of the Yoga for Seniors Posture Project: Simple Corrections/Big Payoffs
  • Prescriptive and Accessible Gentle and Chair Yoga sequences

Can we feel better, stronger and more flexible as we age? Common misconceptions that the muscles deteriorate, the bones get brittle and the joints get stiff make us cringe at the thought of aging. “Movement is the antidote to aging”, but finding the right movements that are supportive and not damaging is the key to healthy aging.

studioVIBE agingIn this Workshop, Sherry Zak Morris, E-RYT specializing in Gentle, Senior and Chair Yoga, will share the stunning results of her Senior Posture Project, and observations and analysis from her many years teaching Yoga to the 50+ population. Sherry has worked with many seniors over multiple months to get this data and has documented their improvements based on specific recommendations that can be done in Yoga classes and/or at home. This Workshop will cover:

  • The growing health trends of aging and how Yoga can manage, support and even improve long-standing physical issues.
  • Safe and effective movements that can be done in a chair or on a Yoga mat.
  • Body reading, posture analysis and prescriptive recommendations to empower change in the physical body that will relieve pain and increase mobility.

Sherry’s Bio:
SherrySherry is a nationally-known Yoga/wellness expert and leader in the 50+ wellness market. Featured in the Costco Connection for wellness innovation and a recognized online global Yoga blogger, Sherry is a versatile business leader passionate about Actively Aging. As a seasoned wellness entrepreneur, she is the CEO and Founder of YogaJP, an internationally-recognized brand of Yoga and Wellness DVDs and online videos for the 50+ market.

As Co-Director of the Yoga Vista Academy, Sherry has a proven track record for empowering and igniting passion for 50+ Yoga and wellness and has presented for 4 years at the annual Yoga Alliance Conference, the professional and trade association of the Yoga world. Sherry owns the Yoga Vista Studio in Vista, California and has served on three Yoga Alliance Committees representing Yoga Studios (ORNS – one room Yoga studios) in Washington DC. She is a current member of the 2015 Yoga Alliance Conference Session Planning Committee and the Yoga Alliance Education Committee.





Teacher Spotlight – Meet Olga Harkola, Certified Pilates Teacher

Get to know Olga Harkola and you will quickly learn why we absolutely adore her at studioVIBE!  Her zest for life and passion for Pilates is so refreshing.  Read on…

“Pilates heals, restores confidence and also strengthens and prevents injuries and diseases”.

– Olga Harkola


How long have you been teaching at studioVIBE? For almost 3 years. I started teaching at the studio soon after I moved to NC

What classes do you teach? Pilates Mat, Pilates Apparatus and TRX

When did you start taking Pilates and what made you decide to start teaching? I took my first Pilates class in 2002. I always considered myself fit, but Pilates made me strong from inside out. In 2003 I met my husband. He has a spine condition that is not curable but can be managed to a degree with exercise in addition to medication. It turned out that the type of exercise he needed was Pilates. Which is why in 2005 I got certified to teach it and have been loving it ever since!



How has Pilates changed your life?  What has it taught you? Oh so many things… For one I have a great appreciation for ones health, and the need to take care of your body. I have worked with many clients that had many health issues and although it is not a treatment, Pilates heals, restores confidence, strengthens and prevents injuries and diseases.  I am a Pilates fanatic though, so to me it is the answer to all problem!  It seems that anyone can do Pilates, from the most fit to sick and benefit from it. It is an absolute gift to be able to teach it.

How would you summarize the studioVIBE experience? Supportive, caring and fun environment. Patty and all the other teachers have been absolutely wonderful to me since I came to the studio. I went through the Power Pilates certification at the studio and that was absolutely wonderful experience to be learning from Patty and Stacie. Everyone has been so supportive and kind and caring! For the clients, it is the coolest thing because the teachers really care and it feels like home.


What do you like to do in your down-time? I love hanging out with my kids and hubby. Being outside, doing things together. Of course i love to do Pilates, so that’s part of my down time too:)


“Olga is one of the most genuine people you will ever meet.  She has a heart of gold and leads rocking’ great classes.”  Patty Geiger

Power Pilates Teacher Training at studioVIBE – Meet Vittorio

StudioVIBE is the Regional Training Center for Power Pilates in the Carolinas.   Specializing in the art of teaching Classical Pilates, studioVIBE teacher trainers will give you the tools you need to be best in class.

Meet Vittorio!


What led you to start your Pilates practice and how long have you been practicing? I had lower back issues and my physician recommended Pilates as it strengthens the core.  As a result, I started my Pilates practice in December 2011, and it really helped!

What made you decide to enroll in the Power Pilates Comprehensive Teacher Training Program?  I wanted to challenge myself to do something that was totally outside of my normal comfort zone and also diametrically opposite to my “day job”.  I’m also hoping to teach Pilates on the side one day as I discovered it is something I love doing.

What has been the one thing that has surprised you about the program or teaching?  What surprised me is just how much work goes into making teaching Pilates “look easy”.  There is an incredible amount of information to digest!

How have you managed to arrange your schedule to complete your training hours?  Since I have a rather demanding full time “day job”, I’ve had to schedule all my training during evening hours and on weekends.  But that has not been difficult as this is something I really enjoy doing.

It looks like you are finishing in the fall, what would you like to do when complete? I would definitely like to continue teaching in my spare time.  And who knows?  Maybe full time one day.

Funniest experience in teaching? When teaching one of my first mat classes I was so nervous I stood 5 yards from the students for the entire class.  At the end I was told “they don’t bite”.  Fortunately that has so far proven to be true.

What 3 Pilates exercises are your favorite and why?  Snake and twist, controlled balance and hanging.  The first two because they really challenge your core and balance.  The last one because I just like hanging inverted…

IMG_5724Do you have a favorite piece of apparatus and why? My favorite apparatus is the reformer for the simple reason that I started my Pilates practice on it.

What is one thing you wish you had known before starting the Teacher Training?  I knew this would be challenging.  I just didn’t know how challenging!

What is one piece of advice, you would give someone who is thinking about enrolling in the training?  Approach the training with humility.  No matter how many months or years you’ve been practicing as a student, learning to become a teacher is a whole different ballgame!