Client Spotlight – Meet Lori Roberts

“Pilates has given me a longer and leaner look.”

                   Meet the fabulous Lori Roberts IMG_0012 

So why Pilates Lori? What keeps you coming back? I needed something different. I “grew up” in the gym and being in my 40s I was ready for my body to look different. Pilates has given me a longer and leaner look. It challenges me every time I hit the mat. It also feels awesome when I finally nail something I’ve been trying to tackle after months and months. The teachers here are welcoming, supportive, encouraging, completely nonjudgemental and really have always challenged me along the way.

You spent time working in the fitness industry, tell us more…. I actually have a Masters degree in Kinesiology with a concentration in Corporate Fitness and Community Wellness. I started out as an athletic trainer and migrated into my of the wellness field. I was a National Strength and Conditioning Association Certified Personal Trainer as well as a Certified Group Exercise Leader. Why not, right? I was lucky enough to work for the U.S. Armed Forces in Greece and train some top U.S. and NATO personnel. What an awesome opportunity on so many levels. Quick fun fact… I was lucky enough to work with Billy Blanks a couple of times and even get a personal training session in with him at one point. He was the great equalizer in so many ways. Haha. A great man and a story best told over a drink 😀

Tell us about your first class at studioVIBE…. I was nervous as @&?!#!! I was used to being the fit girl that was setting the pace that I had to embrace and accept just being the girl trying to survive her first mat class and praying Missy didn’t scare me off😀. She obviously didn’t and I was hooked!

You have been coming regularly, what classes are you taking? My goal is 2-3 classes a week with a mixture of Mat and Tower. I was even able to get in a Reformer/Chair tutorial one night so that’s on my radar next. If I’m in town I don’t miss class. I’ve even been known to pack my yoga mat on my travels IMG_0013

What do you do when you are not at studioVIBE? I really don’t do too much. My fiancé and I play some golf… paddle board… a dabble of yoga here and there. Most of my serious work is really done within the walls of StudioVibe.

Any last minute words for someone who is contemplating getting started? Literally, just take the first step. That’s the hardest part. You most likely won’t set the world on fire at first but just hang in there, go at your own pace, and I promise the hard work will pay off.  Also, just wanted to add that I have met so many great people IN the classes.  It’s like we all have each other’s back and best interest in mind – I LOVE it!

Intro to Aerial Yoga

Learn the basic inversions and moves in this SpecialAerialSavasana 50-minute Intro to Aerial Yoga Class.  Learn how we flow through a practice with the assistance of the aerial hammock.
This is geared to those with fewer than 2 classes on the hammock. Come give it a try!
This Class is Drop-In Just $15 or ONLY 2 credits off FLEXcard
Private Groups

Have a group of friends that all want to try aerial yoga? Or maybe none of our scheduled
class times work for you? We can set up a single session or a group of sessions for your group.

studioVIBE Pre-Req and Dress Code For Aerial Classes:

AERIAL DRESS CODE: Please wear yoga pants or tights that cover your thighs. A shirt with a sleeve (3/4 length is ideal) and a pair of sticky bottom socks (we sell a few styles). Please bring some water and remove all your jewelry before class
HEALTH CONCERNS – Should you have any concerns, esp issues regarding BP, inverting, dizziness, glaucoma etc. Please discuss with a teacher prior to signing up.

Getting Started with Yoga in Cary, NC

Yoga For Beginners in Cary, NC. Take a 1-Day Class or a 4-week Series or both. Yoga 101 and Yoga Foundations are Signature Classes of studioVIBE.

Yoga Foundations Starts THIS Sunday! Scroll Down.
Yoga 101 Express

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InnerLight Yoga Teacher Training at studioVIBE in Cary

Class Description:
Yoga 101 provides those new to yoga with an introduction to the foundational poses and principles at the heart of a nurturing yoga practice. Bring a mat or use one of ours as you discover the power of yoga to lengthen and strengthen your body, to energize your spirit, and to quiet your mind. This warm and supportive environment provides a great stand-alone experience or a starting place for you to delve deeper via our foundation series or our ongoing group class.
Yoga Foundations – A Series For Beginners & Those Wanting Clarity on Fundamentals

Contact The Studio for Next Dates
*If you only want to attend The First Session, Cost is $25 and we will provide you with some additional handouts. If you then choose to continue we will apply this to the full cost.
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Class Description:
This four-part series taught by Alyson, Rachel & Thea is designed for those new to yoga, as well as for experienced practitioners who wish to gain a deeper, embodied understanding of the foundational poses and principles of yoga.
Class size will be small to create a supportive environment and ensure individual attention from our team of teachers. Each session will build on the one before and will include practice, discussion, and relaxation. After completing this foundations series, you will feel prepared to confidently explore the wealth of ongoing group yoga classes offered by StudioVIBE.

Foundation 1 – Grounding ~ Dig deeply into those poses designed to connect us to the earth, develop stability, and utilize effective alignment. We will lay the groundwork for attentively and safely expanding our physical practice, honing body awareness, and utilizing the power of the breath. We will also provide a meditation primer to cultivate mindfulness.

Foundation 2 – Climbing ~ With our roots now firmly planted, we will extend our reach to lengthen and strengthen the body. Through a series of heart opening “sun” poses complimented by calming “moon” poses we will release tension, utilize our core strength, and balance the flow of energy through our body. A focus of this session will be consciously elevating our practice while not compromising the integrity learned in the first foundation class.

Foundation 3 – Spiraling ~ Invite your body to embrace the nourishing and detoxifying practice of twists. We will systematically integrate the components of safe twists to provide our body maximum nourishment for the spine and
internal organs. Seated, standing, balancing, and reclining twists will wind their way into our time together as we bring careful attention to this portion of our practice.

Foundation 4 – Emerging ~ With our foundation established, we will enjoy a culminating practice designed to integrate and celebrate all we have learned to date. In designing today’s class, your team of teachers will weave together your requests for favorite poses, breathing practices, and meditations to create a special practice that will leave you feeling better than you can imagine. Come ready to smile!

The Wisdom of Yoga – A Weekend with Lila Brown

The Wisdom of Yoga
Creating Harmony in Mind, Body, & Spirit 

with Lila Brown

The practice of Yoga has always been a way to align with Nature and its wisdom. Throughout the seasons, we practice specific postures that invite balance to the system, at certain times of the day and year creating more heat and stoking the inner fire, and at other times creating more cooling energy to nourish the flow of water and life. In a similar way, Nature through its expression within the astrological framework has given people access to the intelligence inherently lying in the constellations and planets. The symbolism and myths within the Cosmos and their significance in the human psyche are powerful tools for awakening.

Each class during this weekend of workshops will weave together the natural wisdom of yoga with the astrological myths and symbolism in practices that both invite transformation and create harmony within the body, mind, and spirit.

Attend any combination of sessions or make it your own local “retreat” weekend!

Friday December 4, 6:00-8:30PM   Descending the Roots

  • Fluid and grounding postures that invite settling and rooted connection with the earth

Saturday December 5, 11:00AM-1:30PM   Sustaining the Vision

  • A plethora of postures, encompassing the full spectrum of asana with standing poses, hip- and heart-openers, hand-balances, seated postures, and meditation

Saturday December 5, 3:00-5:30PM   Embracing the Silence

  • A practice to turn inward, one that includes quieting postures, pranayama, and meditation, sure to rejuvenate and deeply nourish

Sunday December 6, 2:00-4:30PM   Igniting the Inner Fire

  • A celebration of the awesome power that lives within; stoking the inner ceremonial pyre with efficient, therapeutic, and transformational backbends.

Sign-Up Separately for each workshop then Pay either a-la-carte or select The Wisdom of Yoga 4-session and enjoy the whole weekend.
Individual Workshops $49           Entire weekend $185
Register at under workshops.
LilaRasaBrownLila Rasa Brown has practiced yoga and meditation for over fifteen years, has taught for over twelve years, and was a Certified Anusara Yoga Teacher from 2005 through 2012. Lila loves bringing the benefits of skillful alignment and action to her teaching, as well as sharing her deep love for Yoga philosophy and the wisdom it offers in life. She delights in offering yoga classes, workshops, teacher trainings, and retreats presently and has been leading yoga teacher training programs since 2006. Lila feels grateful to continue her studies with her primary teacher Adyashanti, as well as fantastic yoga teachers, scholars of Hindu Tantrism, and evolutionary astrologers. She also has a passion for practicing evolutionary astrology, weaving the magical and meaningful stories of Yoga into her readings. From 2006 to 2011, Lila Brown directed Gateway Yoga in Raleigh, NC, a yoga studio dedicated to the life-affirming principles of Anusara Yoga, and was part of the faculty at the American Dance Festival in Durham, NC, from 2008 – 2012.

SPECIAL Motown Vinyasa Yoga with Phyllis


SPECIAL Motown Vinyasa Yoga class with Phyllis

Wednesday August 19, 6:30PM at studioVIBE

Phyllis is One of a Kind!!!

Come party with Phyllis as she celebrates the 39th anniversary of her 21st birthday, entering a NEW decade!

Join us for this physically energizing and internally rejuvenating vinyasa class to the BEAT of Motown!

If you choose to join us, we will be taking Phyllis over to Cafe Caturra to raise a glass and celebrate!

Register online for class at under classes.  This is a 2-credit yoga class, use your Class Card or pay a drop-in.