Chakra Balancing

Chakra Balancing – An Afternoon Exploring Your Subtle Anatomy

June 4 Sunday 1:00 – 4:00
Chakra Education & Practice to Balance and Bring Awareness
with Jennifer Bluestone

Come explore the ‘map’ of your inner landscape and learn about the journey of awakening. Lecture and discussion will focus on the chakras, nadis, & gunas.  Discover asanas that assist with opening each chakra as well as strategies for freeing blockages.


An Educational and Interactive Workshop followed by a Chakra Balancing Practice!

Register Here – $49 (Register by May 16 and save 20%)


Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga Teacher Training has been a part of studioVIBE for the last 4 years.  We hosted InnerLight Yoga School since 2012 … this year we are excited to continue the tradition with an exciting NEW Yoga Teacher Training Program: Mandala Yoga School!  Many of the teachers from Innerlight Yoga School will be continuing which we are super excited about.  They are excellent at what they do and committed to guiding you on your journey.  MYS has a unique approach to yoga teacher training and is committed to teaching the “art of teaching”. Through our skillful approach to teaching yoga, you will enhance your skills to grow as both a teacher and student. We will provide you with a steady foundation that will encourage you to thrive and explore your fullest potential. The methodology of Mandala Yoga School will help you to teach with steadiness, clarity, ease, and grace. You will be given opportunities to teach the group on all aspects of yoga to deepen your personal understanding, raise your confidence, and move forward on your path as a bodhisattva.

YOGA TEACHER TRAINING is a big step, a personal step, the start of an adventure, a journey into self-discovery, a time to create your mandala! The most important and impactful guru you will ever get to know lies within you. At the heart of The MYS training will be the 8 Limbs of yoga, exploring, understanding, and learning our responsibility as a yogi and as a teacher, guiding others on the path.

Mandala Yoga School will meet you where you are and take you where you want to go! Whether you are looking to be a rockstar teacher or delve deeper into yoga for personal growth, the faculty of Mandala Yoga School will point you in the right direction.

MYS has created a systematic method for “teaching teachers to teach”. Our method works and we will be there by your side during the training and beyond. There are historically a
percentage of people who enter a yoga teacher training not planning on teaching. Some are surprised to discover they do have this desire and gift of sharing yoga.  Through finding your voice in asana, philosophy, and methodology you will deepen your own personal practice and understanding of yoga…it is a life-changing experience you will remember and treasure forever. 

The Yoga Teacher Training Program through Mandala Yoga School is credentialed with The Yoga Alliance and following successful completion of your training you will be able to apply to be an RYT 200, Registered Yoga Teacher at the 200-Hour Level.

If you have already completed a 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training and would like to refine your skills and deepen your understanding of yoga philosophy, asanas, and principles we are offering the full Mandala Yoga School Training for $1499.

Learn more about Mandala Yoga School including Dates, Fees, Teachers, & Curriculum.

Prana Flow with Jennifer Bluestone

Sunday Satsang: Connecting A Prana Flow Practice with The Earth – Jennifer Deballi Bluestone

Sunday October 11 4:30 – 6:30PM

$29 – Register on-line under “workshops”

Jen Bluestone

Satsang means gathering for the truth. Join us for an enriching experience designed to foster personal growth and continue your journey in a supportive community setting. Our meeting will consist of dedicated time for pranayama, meditation, and movement coupled with an opportunity for delving deeper as a student and teacher. Think of this as a way to connect more deeply with yourself.

October 11 – Connecting: Prana FLOW & The Earth with Jennifer DeBalli Bluestone 500 hour-trained with Shiva Rea

During this fall season, we can feel the shift in the universe, not only in nature, but in our bodies, from the heat and fire of summer into the winds and release of the fall season. The trees show us exactly what we need to do…let the dead leaves fall so that we can create space to go inward and then blossom again.

In this earth based practice, we will take time to touch and honor the earth, lay down solid roots and enjoy our practice from the ground up. We will move slowly and take time to connect with our breath. The practice will begin with very basic namaskar and we will work our way through various waves that will guide us to arm balances in the galavasana or ‘flying pigeon’ family. This hip opening flow will give us the opportunity to reach deep in to the body’s emotional junk drawers so we can get rid of things that have been stuck and need to go. The practice will also include pranayama and meditation, ending with an deep savasana.

A tree must root down below the earth’s surface in order to grow tall and strong, retreating deep into its source to fully extend upward. The direction of our yoga practice is similar. As we practice, we turn inward to observe and be present with the sensations in the physical body, thoughts that whir through the mind and finally the effects of the breath on both body and mind. Through dedicated practice, we steady our attention and follow it through surface thoughts and sensations to finally dive into our heart of hearts. The sages write that within the inner most chamber of our heart we discover infinite potential for love, compassion and joy.

Upcoming Satsang Dates and Topics:
Sunday, November 8: Moon(Chandra) Practice & Gong Bath with Alisha Nissenfeld
Sunday, December 13: Theming Your Life with Susan Jackson