Pranayama and Meditation

Pranayama & Meditation Workshops with Susan C. Jackson, ERYT-500
…exploring the what, why, and how

12:30 – 3:00PM     Understanding & Exploring Pranayama $45
3:30 – 5:30PM       Setting A Foundation For Meditation $35
Both Sessions $70
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12:30 – 3:00PM Understand and Explore Pranayama:
Learn the basics of the time honored practice of pranayama (yoga’s breath practices). We begin by defining pranayama and exploring the natural breath. From here we transition into discussion and practice of several common and beneficial breath techniques. The benefits and contraindications of each technique will be included in the session. Some of the techniques covered will include the 3 Part Breath, Alternate Nostril Breathing, Ujjayi Breath, and more. Arrive curious and leave with new energy, improved breath awareness, and a toolbox of techniques to use immediately at home and in studio.

3:30 – 5:30PM Setting A Foundation for Meditation:
Learn how to create a personal, practical, and sustainable meditation practice. We will begin by crafting your ideal “seat” and follow with several approachable time tested techniques for you to practice before taking them home to enjoy. Plenty of tips and uses for meditation will also be included. Some covered techniques include: Loving Kindness Meditation, Counting Meditation, Mindfulness Meditation, and more. Come ready to work within your comfort level in a safe, relaxed, and guided setting and leave with solid meditation know how catered to your needs for immediate use.


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Both workshops are great opportunities for those new to pranayama and meditation to gather general information, build foundation, or for those with experience to delve deeper, by gaining a richer foundation. Handouts will be provided.


About Susan C. Jackson

Susan Jackson, ERYT-500, began her Yoga journey in 2000 after taking a course in Eastern Culture and Philosophy at Bradley University where she also studied Elementary Education. Susan completed her 200 hour Teacher Training in 2006 with Jimmy Barkan and Lisa Goodwin, and her 500 hour training in 2012 with Stephanie Keach at Asheville Yoga Center. Since finding her yoga path, Susan cultivates a deep interest in living her yoga beyond the mat. Her mission is to encourage, empower, and support each student to do the same. Susan is the director of InnerLight Yoga School and currently continues her studies in a variety of settings. She is greatly influenced by teachers such as David H Wagner, Angela Farmer, and Sally Kempton.
Off the mat Susan enjoys traveling as well as spending plenty of quality time with her husband Rob, their son Parker, and (of course) their two Boxers. She loves the outdoors and any type of great adventure. Her driving belief: “We all have the potential to shine!”

Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga Teacher Training has been a part of studioVIBE for the last 4 years.  We hosted InnerLight Yoga School since 2012 … this year we are excited to continue the tradition with an exciting NEW Yoga Teacher Training Program: Mandala Yoga School!  Many of the teachers from Innerlight Yoga School will be continuing which we are super excited about.  They are excellent at what they do and committed to guiding you on your journey.  MYS has a unique approach to yoga teacher training and is committed to teaching the “art of teaching”. Through our skillful approach to teaching yoga, you will enhance your skills to grow as both a teacher and student. We will provide you with a steady foundation that will encourage you to thrive and explore your fullest potential. The methodology of Mandala Yoga School will help you to teach with steadiness, clarity, ease, and grace. You will be given opportunities to teach the group on all aspects of yoga to deepen your personal understanding, raise your confidence, and move forward on your path as a bodhisattva.

YOGA TEACHER TRAINING is a big step, a personal step, the start of an adventure, a journey into self-discovery, a time to create your mandala! The most important and impactful guru you will ever get to know lies within you. At the heart of The MYS training will be the 8 Limbs of yoga, exploring, understanding, and learning our responsibility as a yogi and as a teacher, guiding others on the path.

Mandala Yoga School will meet you where you are and take you where you want to go! Whether you are looking to be a rockstar teacher or delve deeper into yoga for personal growth, the faculty of Mandala Yoga School will point you in the right direction.

MYS has created a systematic method for “teaching teachers to teach”. Our method works and we will be there by your side during the training and beyond. There are historically a
percentage of people who enter a yoga teacher training not planning on teaching. Some are surprised to discover they do have this desire and gift of sharing yoga.  Through finding your voice in asana, philosophy, and methodology you will deepen your own personal practice and understanding of yoga…it is a life-changing experience you will remember and treasure forever. 

The Yoga Teacher Training Program through Mandala Yoga School is credentialed with The Yoga Alliance and following successful completion of your training you will be able to apply to be an RYT 200, Registered Yoga Teacher at the 200-Hour Level.

If you have already completed a 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training and would like to refine your skills and deepen your understanding of yoga philosophy, asanas, and principles we are offering the full Mandala Yoga School Training for $1499.

Learn more about Mandala Yoga School including Dates, Fees, Teachers, & Curriculum.

Joe Taft Yoga Workshops Cary, NC

Joe Taft Yoga Workshops Cary, NC

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March 19 Inversion PlayShop      455
Saturday 5:00 – 6:30PM
$29 (Register by Feb 19 for $19)
Often we forget that yoga, movement, and exercise in general, should be fun. This workshop will unearth our innate human love of play and exploration. Naturally yoga poses have to offer some technique to keep them safe, however, it is just as important to discover a sense of fun, curiosity and adventure along the journey. Please join us in an evening of upside down play-shop to improve your inversions, and quite possibly, lift your spirits. All levels welcome; modifications will be taught!

March 20 Psoas Release Party      454-1
Sunday 1:00 – 4:00PM
$49 (Register by Feb 20 for $39)
Please join Joe Taft for an exploration of the mind-body connection as it relates to one of the deepest muscle groups in the body, the iliopsoas. This muscle group has been discovered to affect our moods, core stability and overall health; it is otherwise known as the muscle of the soul.
This muscle group is key to a balanced, well-organized body and mind and it is closely linked to our fight or flight response, The iliopsoas involuntarily activates when we experience fear by tightening and shortening. Without actually attaching to the pelvis, it crosses over the front of the pelvis and connects to the legs and spine, so therefore problems may show up in other parts of the body: knee, pelvic, hip, neck/shoulders, sciatica and low back.
In this workshop plan to journey into a deeper understanding of this muscle group, its antagonists and the role of the gluteal muscles. We will explore your body and mind connection and learn how to release your psoas to experience more freedom and happiness. Everybody is welcome!

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July 12 4:30 – 6:30PM: Pranyama Yoga Workshop at studioVIBE
SERIES: Sunday Teacher Satsang – Exploring The Art of Teaching
The Power of Pranayama with Susan C Jackson, ERYT 500      Register Here
Did you know that many students are unsure of the relevancy of pranayama techniques taught in yoga classes? Our mission is to provide an expanded foundation of Pranayama techniques, training, and practices for consistent integration throughout a yoga practice. We will identify the root of most breathing issues, how to return to the natural breath, and cover a brief review of breath anatomy.   Plan to unwrap several pranayama techniques through practice and application and receive tips to successfully teach and integrate these pranayams within your classes or to use on your own.   Expect some new approaches to “old favorites” as well exposure to less practiced techniques.   Together we will demystify the the Power of Pranayama and reaffirm that pranayama in not just a ‘side bar’ to the asana. $29 Register Here

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Sunday Teachers Satsang – Exploring The Art of Teaching
Satsang means gathering for the truth. Teachers, join us for an enriching experience designed to foster personal growth and continue your education as a teacher in a supportive community setting. Our meeting will consist of dedicated time for pranayama, meditation, and movement coupled with an opportunity for delving deeper as a student and teacher. Topics may include: anatomy, skillful assisting and adjusting, refinement of teaching skills and techniques, mantra, clinic of asana and pranayama techniques, yogic philosophy, using props, and more. Think of this as a way to connect more deeply with yourself as well as your students.

Continuing Education Contact Hours with Yoga Alliance:
The informational handout that you receive each session will note the number of contact hours that you completed and will serve as proof of your attendance. Class size 5 minimum and 20 maximum.

Upcoming Satsang Dates (Topics TBA):
August 9
September 13

Yoga Serendipity and King Pigeon Variation Tutorial | A Guest Post by Brittany

Happy, happy Friday to you!  Today, we are so excited to have Brittany on the blog.  She has been a client here at the studio for four years, and she just recently graduated from InnerLight Yoga School.  Brittany also teaches an off-site class for us in addition to her Power Yoga class at the Cornerstone studio on Wednesday nights at 8:15 PM.  Please keep reading to learn more about her journey, plus she shares a great tutorial on the King Pigeon Variation.  Take it away, Brittany!

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