Client Spotlight – Meet Evelyn Mullen

“Moving is life affirmation. The spark of life is precious and its force is exhibited through movement.”  Evelyn Mullen

Tell us about you…where were you born and how did you end up in Cary, NC?

I was born on a 19th century farm in South Carolina. All of us were lean and agile and able to sustain movement from sunup to sundown. My grandmother in her late sixties worked alongside the men and did not stop to lie down or quit. She died as she stood ready for another task.

Our family decided to become an intergenerational family. We needed a home with a floor plan for privacy and sharing. We found our house in Cary.


What brought you to studioVIBE?

A few years ago, I fell down a long flight of steps onto a concrete floor. I hit on my left side and sustained broken bones and abrasions. After rehab, I became fearful of falling again. My wonderful daughter encouraged me to sign up for 30 minute private lessons with Amy and Missy. With their encouragement, I was able to migrate to regular sessions of “Pilates for Life”.

After knee replacement, I was able to begin again as soon as rehab was completed.

How long have you been doing Pilates? 3 years

You have Rheumatoid Arthritis, along with other health issues, how has Pilates helped you?

Pilates has helped with flexibility and abdominal strength. With RA, tendons and ligaments become inflamed and tighten. Through stretching, some flexibility can be maintained. Balance is the greatest concern. Whenever I lose my balance, I can pull on my abs to stabilize.

With my teachers/mentors Amy and Missy, I am supported in what I can do and encouraged to get a little stronger.

Illness brings stress. Through Pilates, I have been able to manage stress successfully.

What would you tell someone who said that they were too “old” to start Pilates?

Get over it. This is it. This is your life. Mind and body work together. Be able to say on your death bed, “What is that new movement that I wanted to try?”

Anything else you would like to share?

Moving is life affirmation. The spark of life is precious and its force is exhibited through movement.

Client Spotlight – Meet Lori Roberts

“Pilates has given me a longer and leaner look.”

                   Meet the fabulous Lori Roberts IMG_0012 

So why Pilates Lori? What keeps you coming back? I needed something different. I “grew up” in the gym and being in my 40s I was ready for my body to look different. Pilates has given me a longer and leaner look. It challenges me every time I hit the mat. It also feels awesome when I finally nail something I’ve been trying to tackle after months and months. The teachers here are welcoming, supportive, encouraging, completely nonjudgemental and really have always challenged me along the way.

You spent time working in the fitness industry, tell us more…. I actually have a Masters degree in Kinesiology with a concentration in Corporate Fitness and Community Wellness. I started out as an athletic trainer and migrated into my of the wellness field. I was a National Strength and Conditioning Association Certified Personal Trainer as well as a Certified Group Exercise Leader. Why not, right? I was lucky enough to work for the U.S. Armed Forces in Greece and train some top U.S. and NATO personnel. What an awesome opportunity on so many levels. Quick fun fact… I was lucky enough to work with Billy Blanks a couple of times and even get a personal training session in with him at one point. He was the great equalizer in so many ways. Haha. A great man and a story best told over a drink 😀

Tell us about your first class at studioVIBE…. I was nervous as @&?!#!! I was used to being the fit girl that was setting the pace that I had to embrace and accept just being the girl trying to survive her first mat class and praying Missy didn’t scare me off😀. She obviously didn’t and I was hooked!

You have been coming regularly, what classes are you taking? My goal is 2-3 classes a week with a mixture of Mat and Tower. I was even able to get in a Reformer/Chair tutorial one night so that’s on my radar next. If I’m in town I don’t miss class. I’ve even been known to pack my yoga mat on my travels IMG_0013

What do you do when you are not at studioVIBE? I really don’t do too much. My fiancé and I play some golf… paddle board… a dabble of yoga here and there. Most of my serious work is really done within the walls of StudioVibe.

Any last minute words for someone who is contemplating getting started? Literally, just take the first step. That’s the hardest part. You most likely won’t set the world on fire at first but just hang in there, go at your own pace, and I promise the hard work will pay off.  Also, just wanted to add that I have met so many great people IN the classes.  It’s like we all have each other’s back and best interest in mind – I LOVE it!

Intro to Aerial Yoga

Learn the basic inversions and moves in this SpecialAerialSavasana 50-minute Intro to Aerial Yoga Class.  Learn how we flow through a practice with the assistance of the aerial hammock.
This is geared to those with fewer than 2 classes on the hammock. Come give it a try!
This Class is Drop-In Just $15 or ONLY 2 credits off FLEXcard
Private Groups

Have a group of friends that all want to try aerial yoga? Or maybe none of our scheduled
class times work for you? We can set up a single session or a group of sessions for your group.

studioVIBE Pre-Req and Dress Code For Aerial Classes:

AERIAL DRESS CODE: Please wear yoga pants or tights that cover your thighs. A shirt with a sleeve (3/4 length is ideal) and a pair of sticky bottom socks (we sell a few styles). Please bring some water and remove all your jewelry before class
HEALTH CONCERNS – Should you have any concerns, esp issues regarding BP, inverting, dizziness, glaucoma etc. Please discuss with a teacher prior to signing up.

Laura Bridgewater

How did you find out about studioVIBE? LauraBridgwaterPic
I drove past it shortly after we moved into the area and picked up a brochure. I had done Pilates years ago and had been wanting to try yoga. I liked that the studio offered both.

What is your favorite part about coming to our studio?
I love the variety of classes and teaching styles. Every teacher brings different insights and experiences to bear, and I’ve become so much stronger physically and mentally as a result.

What is your most memorable experience at the studio or in a class?
Only one? There are so many. The first time I managed to hold half moon pose after years of practice. Discovering that subtle changes in how I hold yoga poses help build the strength I need both on and off the mat. Realizing that doing Pilates at least twice a week leads to huge gains in my yoga practice. Workshops that challenge me physically, mentally, and emotionally. For example, the Thrive workshop last January was so much more comprehensive than I’d expected. I went in intending to analyze my physical health and habits, and found myself looking at my whole life — work, play, exercise, relationships, diet, sleep, community service, etc. — and learning that other areas needed my attention more. So much food for thought in one weekend.

So tell us about you…tell us about your home life and what you do for fun?LauraBridgwater
My husband, Kevin, and I have a 20-year-old son, a cat, and a dog. Kevin and I love to travel, and we try to take at least one trip a year to a place on our ginormous bucket list. We also like live theatre and dance, and have been fortunate to see some amazing performances. I like to cook but get bored easily, so I’m continually trying new recipes and cuisines. I love good storytelling and will happily devote hours to people, books, TV, and movies that spin good yarns and challenge me to think/rethink issues. I also play with actual yarn to knit or crochet useful, pretty, or quirky objects.

What 3 things would you want if stuck on a deserted island?
A Leatherman multi-tool, a stack of blank books, and a giant box of pencils

Where did you grow up?LauraBridge
I grew up in Springfield, Ill. (cue Simpsons joke or Abraham Lincoln reference)

What was your favorite vacation?
Venice, Florence, and Rome, Italy, with my husband last year. We loved the art, the architecture, the people, the wine, the food — all of it.

Client Spotlight – Meet Donna Hankin

“I feel much stronger in my core & walk taller!”   Donna Hankin


What brought you in to studioVIBE?

My husband Lee & I first started with personal sessions with Patty as he was      recovering from hip replacement surgery. His goal was to become more   flexible & stronger…me, I always look for opportunities to tone & trim. (I know 80% of it is nutrition but exercise is key for the mindset!)

How long have you been taking Pilates?

It’s now been over 2 years & I have become a fan of the tower & reformer classes.  Pilates Equipment takes you to a whole new level with what you can accomplish.

Since you have been coming to studioVIBE, what do you look forward to the most?

In addition to a great workout I love visiting with the other clients at class – we’ve gotten to know each other & keep up with our activities & families.  We work hard and you can feel that the others are “rooting you on”.

What changes have you noticed since coming to the studio?

I feel much stronger in my core & walk taller!

What would you tell someone who think Pilates is “easy”?

Like most other things you get out of it what you put into it – every time I see improvement there a bit more to push for!

What would you tell someone who thinks they are too out of shape to do Pilates?

The instructors at studioVIBE are very good at helping beginners & offering alternatives for those just getting started…don’t hesitate we’ve all been beginners.DonnaHankin2

Any other stories, insights, or reflections that you would like to share?

StudioVIBE is unlike most other gyms – the instructors, clients & associates are all very caring & encouraging. In addition there are opportunities to visit socially, support local businesses & charities, and the positive energy can absolutely impact your health.

Donna & Lee Hankin, along with their daughters Karly & Jen, are the owners of Joint Venture Jewelry and peachy keen (clothing store) in Cary.