Teacher Spotlight – Meet Phyllis Adams

Tell us a little about your Yoga journey?  I began my yoga journey in 2001.  I was on a fitness path and observed that there was a greater picture and path to follow. I went to NC School of Yoga for initial certification and from there have explored and studied under various teachers and systems of yoga over the past 15 years.

What makes you feel most alive?  Discovering new places! Family, friends, and dogs!

What do you love most about Yoga?  What do hope to inspire in others?  I love the aspect of yoga that allows you to move and explore through joy and inspiration from within. I have learned through the practice of Yoga and by sharing my passion that other’s were on board and it has blossomed into a supportive community of likeminded bright souls! My self esteem, self confidence, and general sense of well being has been nurtured through my practice. I hope to be a guide to other’s on their yogic path, and as a teacher I am totally inspired by my students!

What is your favorite quote?  “Wage peace by practicing kindness”

Favorite Yoga pose?  Half Moon

How has Yoga changed your life?  Yoga has changed my life in the sense that I have been inspired to seek purpose, self awareness, and trust.

What do you think are some of the biggest challenges people face when they begin to practice Yoga?  To show up without expectations and enjoy the ride!

What do you want people to take away from your classes?  I want students to leave with a sense of feeling accomplished whatever that is for them on any given day!  Sometimes that is by simply showing up! I love smiles and have a playful approach to my practice and style of teaching.

What tools do you think are essential for starting a Yoga practice?  Attitude is as important as a willingness to explore and be receptive to new things!

Beginner Yoga in Cary, NC

Beginner Yoga: Take our Signature Yoga 101 Express Workshop
Start Your Journey with Alyson Colwell-Waber
Sunday February 19th, 1:00-3:00PM

Class Description:
Yoga 101 provides those new to yoga with an introduction to the foundational poses and principles at the heart of a nurturing yoga practice. Bring a mat or use one of ours as you discover the power of yoga to lengthen and strengthen your body, to energize your spirit, and to quiet your mind. This warm and supportive environment provides a great stand-alone experience.

YOGA 101 requires a separate registration fee due to the additional materials given to participants, length of class and the smaller class size.

Register On-Line Here.

If you prefer Private Sessions, a First Time Private is just $35 for 1 hour. Contact the studio for pricing on Small Groups.

Client Spotlight – Meet Shakera Myers

Meet our friend, Shakera Myers…

Tell us about you…where were you born and how did you end up in Cary, NC?

I was born right here in NC. I’ve spent most of my life in NC but also went to school in Philadelphia, PA. I am a graduate of UNC-Chapel Hill and have really developed a network of friends and family here in the Triangle area.  I am now married which is why I chose to stay here. My interests include listening to all types of music, watching movies, shopping, hanging out with my husband, friends and family and of course Yoga!

What brought you to studioVIBE?

I decided to try studioVIBE as I was looking to become a member of a studio specific to my yoga interests. I was previously a member of a gym but was really looking to build on my yoga practice specifically and did not feel that I was getting that from a large group fitness class. studioVIBE is conveniently located. I drove by it for years and decided to give it a try. I’m so glad I did as it has really helped deepen my yoga practice.

How long have you been doing Yoga?

I have been practicing yoga for about 8 years now and it is truly one of my favorite things to do. Yoga has changed not only my body, but my overall physical and mental health.

You had a stroke, how has Yoga helped you in your recovery?

I had a stroke in December of 2014 at the age of 31. This was devastating for my personal practice and what I was able to do while on the road to recovery. However, I did not let what happened to me keep me away from one of my greatest passions, which was to continue my personal practice.
Yoga has helped me in my recovery tremendously. The practice of yoga is not simply about getting into the most “difficult” poses, but accepting what your body can do and allowing your mind to be stronger than your fears or what is perceived as physical limitations. Yoga has helped me regain strength in my physical body (I had to build strength to walk again and even hold a toothbrush!) I continue to get stronger, more flexible and have built even more courage when I practice. Yoga has helped me accept where I am in the present moment, physically and mentally.

What changes have you noticed since coming to the studio?

Since coming to the studio, I have noticed that my passion and drive to do more in my personal practice has become stronger. I am more flexible than I was even before my medical emergency. Although as a result of the stroke, I have trouble with balance, I notice that although it is not perfect, it has gotten better. I may not be able to do every pose or move that I may have conquered or was working towards before what happened, but there are new moves and poses that I am learning and starting over in Yoga has been such a great learning experience for me.

Anything else you would like to share?

I’d like to thank studioVIBE for having a place where people like myself can practice our passion and continue to build and grow. I am grateful for instructors and friends that I have both inside and out of studioVIBE who are supportive, understanding and caring. If i can share any thoughts or takeaways from my experience is that, sometimes things will happen in your life that you are not prepared for physically and mentally but you cannot let that keep you down or away from what drives you inside. Yoga, for me, is more than a photo op or set of beautiful, complex poses… it is a way of life. It keeps my body mobile and my mind sane and I wouldn’t give it up for anything!

Meditation Workshop with Claire McCullough

Introduction to Meditation Workshop with Claire McCullough

Saturday January 28  2:00PM – 4:30PM

images-2studioVIBE $39

The Holiday Season can be stressful for many of us. Meditation is the perfect way to help relieve that stress. In this workshop, learn about and experience the benefits of several different types of meditation including, guided meditation, mindfulness meditation, Tratak – candle gazing, and Yoga Nidra.

All levels welcome and encouraged! Bring a friend or just come and meet other like-minded people. Meditation has many benefits, many of which can be used to:

• quiet your mind
• relieve stress
• reduce chronic pain• lower blood pressure
• connect to your intuition
• increase your overall feeling of well-being.

Register on-line here or call 919-466-9989/e-mail studiovibe@bellsouth.net with any questions.

Claire McCullough

Angel Tree 2015 – A Doorway To Hope

Tears rolled down my cheeks as I just drove away from dropping off gifts to our second (of 4) adopted families through A Doorway To Hope.

I can only speak for myself … At this time of the year (and honestly I am getting way better with age and spiritual growth) I can get worrying about the craziest things:  Did I get too many things for this person and not enough for that person?  Is this friend going to get me a gift, I would hate to be caught off guard.  Are my boys going to run off with their friends or spend time around our tree?  Should I go to this party or that party, I can’t get to both.   What classes should we offer at the studio?  Will this teacher feel slighted?  I could go on and on…

Well yesterday was not easy but today was downright tough!  I left the home of a woman with four Hopechildren and we were both in tears.  Her husband had a job, was making payments and keeping food on the table (albeit not kitchen quality that anyone reading this is accustomed to).  Problem was that she was in a physically abusive relationship.  With the language barrier we had I was not able to fully understand but suffice it to say that she made the decision to stand up for HER life (and the children).  There was a quite a fight and he has been in jail since October.

The gifts we left will be exciting but it won’t dig her out of the trenches.  The bigger piece is that this is just ONE FAMILY, there are way too many people living in despair right in our 5 mile radius, yes in Cary, NC!

I write this post for 2 reasons: to raise awareness and extend gratitude to our studio Family!

First: Let’s all hug more and open fewer gifts, lets count blessing vs number of gift cards, let’s give thanks for what we have not for what we want.

Second: Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all who
were AngelTreeTagsa part of TruckLoadedour Angel Tree Project and for my friend Maria Young who started A Doorway To Hope!  There needs to be a founding seed but that seed is not going to grow without support.  StudioVIBE friends, your generosity of time, talent, and treasure is phenomenal.  Our four walls are simply a shell, you are the community and it is through community that we can make things happen.

When a stereo is giving issues, internet is out, or there are no more mints at the desk (LOL) it is the magic of the studio – your inner goodness – your support of the community within our walls and beyond – that makes all of our “problems” meaningless.

God bless each and everyone of you and I wish you joy joy joy this HSusanInCaroliday Season.

Now on to deliver to 2 more families (tissues ready this time).

Overflowing with blessings for all the love that surrounds me!  xo
PS – Thanks Suzanne for heading up this project!