Whether you are a beginner or an advanced participant, Pilates helps you firm and strengthen every part of your body. This popular form of exercise is about stabilization, concentration, control, flow, breath, and precision. In a Pilates class, remember that Pilates is not about struggling to get the exercise done, but more of experiencing the coordination of movements using the correct muscle groups with focus and form.

Here at studioVIBE, we are committed to helping you achieve your goals. We recommend discussing your fitness level and goals with one of our certified teachers in order to get started in the most efficient manner.Side sit ups with tower  It can take 4-6 weeks to feel a difference in your body once starting Pilates on a regular basis. Most of our clients attend classes or take private sessions 2-3 times per week, some more, some less. Frequency of excercise is important when you are first learning the technique. We recommend 3 times per week for the first 2 weeks in order to establish a solid foundation and to achieve the best results. Below is a description of some of our Pilates Group Classes.

Pilates Group Classes

Pilates Primer™
This class is for those who are new to Pilates and/or wanting to focus on the fundamentals. The class mainly reviews mat exercises; however, there is also about 20 minutes spent experiencing the “Tower”. Lots of personal attention is given! Attending a Pilates Primer or taking a private mat session is HIGHLY recommended prior to taking our ongoing Pilates classes. This class requires a separate registration due to the additional materials given to participants and the smaller class size.

PilatesPilates Primer Plus™
Learn the Integrative Approach to Pilates, the way Joe did it and use all the equipment! You will learn the “Classical” Pilates mat exercises AND the “Fundamental” exercises on the reformer and Cadillac in small group classes. Each client has his or her own equipment; no sharing needed.  PP+ is offered during Peak Season as a Workshop Series and at other times as an on-going class.   After 6-8 sessions and based on teacher recommendation, you will be ready for the next level; 4-5 clients max…very personalized.

Pilates Mat Classes
will challenge your core strength and stability. Special attention is given to abs, inner thighs, back and glutei muscles. You will realize why Pilates is referred to as the “science of control.” Expect a more efficient golf swing, an improved tennis game, better posture and a more positive outlook on life!!
Mat – All Levels is our standard Mat Class taught at a consistent pace. (classes that say “express” are faster-paced, shorter classes than their standard length sister class)
Mat Sculpt takes Classical Pilates and adds resistance. This class is geared toward those who are comfortable with the basic exercises and have no physical limitations. With the addition of light hand weights and bands you will sculpt and challenge yourself!
Advanced Mat or Mat Challenge is a 45 minute class that will challenge your body and mind with a brisk, invigorating classical advanced mat workout with crisp transitions. Experienced Students. Teacher’s Approval advised.
Teacher’s Choice is great if you like variety. This is a Pilates All-Levels mat class with extras. This class may include props such as the ball, the circle, and some equipment training based on the size of the class and the teacher’s choice! Class is limited to 10 and charged as one mat class.

Pilates TOWER
Do you want to take your mat class to the next level? This class is limited to 5 participants and is often a client’s first experience on equipment. The tower, or wall unit, is a great piece of apparatus for all levels of students to better engage their powerhouse.

Pilates Apparatus
Pilates System takes the classical, integrative systematic approach to total health and well being just as Joseph Pilates trained his clients. This class utilizes all the Pilates Equipment and is offered at different levels. Class size is limited to 4-5 and familiarity with the reformer is required prior to attending. If you are new to our studio, please get approval prior to signing up for System Class.

Pilates for Life
is designed to meet the needs of our 55+ clients who are seeking whole body health and wellness. Clients will work out in a slower paced environment learning the modifications that meet their individual needs. The student to teacher ratio is 4:1 and lots of extra special attention is given. Clients are required to take four private sessions before starting this class and/or seek teacher’s approval.

Prenatal/Postnatal Pilates
is designed to help women during their pregnancy maintain good posture and toned bodies. The class is recommended for those who are already physically active and/or have been taking Pilates prior to pregnancy. Please contact the office prior to coming. Medical clearance is required.

Independent Workouts are opportunities for clients, who have studio approval, to spend 60 minutes in the studio working out independently. These sessions are not lead by a teacher although a teacher will be in the room at all times for safety. Priority on equipment is given to clients working in classes or taking private sessions. Sessions are $15 or 2 credits off a FLEXcard.

Find out more about a Personalized Pilates Private Session or
visit our Pilates Teacher Training page to learn more about the Power Pilates Teacher Training program.

Pilates is a unique system of movements that tones muscles, improves posture, increases flexibility and improves balance to create a stream-lined shape.  If you want to feel great, have a healthier body, less achy joints and feel young again then Pilates may be exactly what your body has been begging for.