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Small group work is the cornerstone of our studio; every participant receives personalized guidance during their session.  We offer a variety of classes, all focused on helping you attain optimal wellness!

StudioVIBE uses a FLEXcard System which allows you to purchase ONE card for all the different types of classes.  Read more about this on our Pricing Page.

If you have any medical situation, pre-existing condition or are recovering from an injury, please call us prior to attending a group class. Generally in these situations we require your first visit to be a private session.

Please read about the different types of classes we offer.   People come to studioVIBE for many reasons: some in search of flexibility, others inner peace, and others core strength.  In a group class our teachers are skilled to meet YOU where YOU are and then challenge you in a fashion that will help you achieve your goal.

WarriorBWStudioVibe_TRXSidePlank                                         RestorativeYoga