Our Studios

Cornerstone Studio
 Cornerstone BuildingInside Cornerstone

We are excited to introduce our newest studio at Cornerstone.  We relocated from Stone Creek Village to be able to  expand our yoga studio, add aerial yoga, and have a private training room.  The parking is also much better!

PilatesTRX exerciseBoth of our studios offer Yoga, Pilates, TRX, physique as well as other specialty offerings. Our newest studio includes an extra room for group classes as well as a private session room so we are able to fit more classes on the studioVIBE schedule.

Lochmere Pavillon Studio
Pilates Room Yoga Room

Each studio has a Pilates room that provides mats and equipment necessary for our wide variety of classes. The yoga rooms create a relaxing atmosphere.  Mats and all props are available if you do not have your own.  Come check us out today!