Wellness Wednesdays with Melinda

We are very excited about a series of FREE classes happening over the course of the next few weeks in the Cornerstone studio.  Melinda Hansen will be leading these classes; read below for more details she has to share.  This aligns completely with our Whole Life Challenge and studio mission.

“Last Wednesday, January 15, I had the pleasure of leading the first ever Wellness Wednesday talk.  Wellness Wednesdays are a series of free talks designed to help support you in bringing all aspects of your Word and wellness to life.  If you missed it, read below for a recap of the last talk.  I’m also attaching a quick wellness guide below that you can print out to help keep you on track.”

  • All talks are held from 7:30 to 8:15 PM at studioVIBE Cornerstone (200 Cornerstone Drive, Cary).  No pre-registration is required; just show up, connect, learn and have fun!  If you know in advance that you can make it, then an RSVP would be great so we can be best prepared (just go online under “workshops”).
  • January 15: Easy Tips to Jumpstart Your Wellness in the New Year (highlights from this class are below–including a video)
  • January 29:  Indoor Gardening:  Learn how to grow a fresh, inexpensive, and tasty supply of vitamins, minerals and protein that will nourish your body and soul through the art of sprouting.
  • February 12:  Love The Skin You’re In:  Enjoy these easy tips and techniques for radiant skin, better circulation, and less stress.
  • February 26:  Breathe With Ease:  Clear your sinuses, reduce your susceptibility to allergies, and take in the essential nourishment of the breath to feel rejuvenated and at ease.
  • Canceled–March 12:  Guest Speaker, Maggie Thibodeau, ND on Spring Cleansing and Whole Foods — This class has been canceled.


Highlights from January 15 Wellness Wednesday

Principles of Wellness

  • Make it Meaningful – Let your word or intention inspire your action, it’s ok if meaningful wellness choices change from day to day.
  • Easy Does It – Keep it simple! Don’t try and too much too fast, that leads to burnout, disappointment and backsliding.
  • Progress Not Perfection – Wellness is an evolution. Be “ok” with where you are today while also making choices that will serve your future health on all levels.
  • Daily Improvement – Each day ask, “What one, small action, action can I take today to promote my wellness?” There’s no need to make it more complicated than that!

Expand Your Horizons – Get in touch with the big picture

  • Wake and rise early, preferably with the sun
  • Look out the window, see the world

Clear, Hydrate and Protect

  • Urinate and defecate upon arising
  • Scrape your tongue, brush your teeth
  • Drink 2 – 3 cups of hot water before any coffee or tea, add lemon for taste or alkalinity if desired – this will help you feel revived, aid in pooping, and cleanse your palate to help you make better food choices throughout your day
  • Appy oil inside your nostrils and ears – olive, seasame, coconut, almond, whatever’s on hand – create a barrier against overstimulation, keep your breath flowing smoothly through your nose

Set the Tone

  • Read something inspiring – poetry, a daily reader, the comics. Avoid the news, email and television or radio until you’ve had a chance to do the above
  • Make a gratitude list – try for 3 – 5 things

Flow with Prana

  • Move, Breathe and/ or meditate for at least 5 minutes – Check out this demonstration from Melinda!

Feed Yourself Well

  • Have green energy with breakfast: a green smoothie, greens in your eggs, add sprouts to oatmeal, get creative

Start Small.  Pick one thing on this list you can easily incorporate this week. (I suggest the bit about hot water :) Once that feels in place, add in another the following week or the week after. Don’t try and revamp your routine all at once.

As an added bonus, I made you a video of the 5 Minutes to Fantastic movement routine. It’s sure to leave you feeling refreshed, vibrant and more at ease.  I’m challening myself to do this one everyday.  Join me won’t you?